Wind generators are being installed in North Kazakhstan region

Development projects for alternative energy sources are implemented in all regions of Kazakhstan. Wind generators are being installed in Novonikolskoye village in North Kazakhstan region. Four turbines were already installed in the area several years ago. Another two generators, manufactured in German, are currently being installed. The capacity of each generator is two megawatt per hour. The total project cost is about 330 million Tenge. The wind generators will be connected to the general energy system of the region.


- Electricity generated by the turbines is delivered right to the electrical substation that distributes it among various villages to cover their needs. Currently, four turbines cover our costs for electricity. We hope that these two turbines will bring us additional profit.

Another type of renewable energy is being developed in Zhalagash district of Kyzylorda region. A solar power station with the capacity of 30 megawatt will be commissioned here next year. The project cost is 12 billion Tenge. Project developers have prepared the design and cost documentation and 164 hectares of land was allocated to the project. The construction will be held in two stages. According to specialists, the project will benefit the economic development of the region.


- We held evaluations of economic and environmental effectiveness. The project was supported among the population during public consultations. Construction will begin in September 2018 and will end in one year. After the launch, the solar power station will be connected to the existing substation with the capacity of 220 kilowatt. It is a very effective project for our region.