In Bayanaul National Nature Park were created 20 routes

The Bayanaul National Nature Park, one of Kazakhstan’s natural pearls, has entered the list of tourist zones. The list has a total of 10 facilities and attractions in the country. The beauty of the mountains and lakes of the Bayanaul region have attracted tourists. In recent years, ecological, informative and sport tourism were developed in the area. Nearly 20 routes were also created in the national park.


- I like it very much. When I spend my winter holidays I don’t get sick. We are all elderly people. We come here to treat illnesses of joints such as arthrosis and osteoarthritis.

Approximately 200,000 tourists visited the natural beauty of Bayanaul every year. The goal is to increase the tourist numbers. Several strategic projects are currently being implemented. One of the projects involves developing a center for tourists to visit in summer and winter. The Myrzashoky ski resort will be built in order to achieve the goal. A cable car is also being constructed at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Local investment of 300 million Tenge were allocated for the project. 70 per cent of the work is completed. Experts say the unique complex for winter season will accommodate nearly 50, 000 visitors.


- The construction of places for ski rental, medical services and a canteen is being continued. More than 28 million Tenge was allocated for these works from the regional budget.

An airfield will be operational in Bayanaul starting next year with flights from Pavlodar, Almaty, Astana and Karagandy flying to the resort area. The cost of the project, worth 240 million Tenge, was allocated from state subsidies. The holiday resort will be developed to meet international standards.