Kazakh historians are introducing new educational formats

Kazakh historians are introducing new educational formats

Kazakh historians are introducing new educational formats to study history and local history. An interactive quest titled ‘Through the Pages of Memory’ was held in Almaty as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Five museums participated in the event. Students were asked to solve puzzles as part of the learning process. They learnt the history of Almaty from the Iron Age, Middle Age as well as Verny period and post – war years to the establishment of modern independent Kazakhstan. Organizers believe the games can attract the interest of younger generation towards history and local history.


 - The game’s main purpose is for children to study the history of Almaty and spark their interest to learn the local history. We want them to know the streets of the city, its establishment history, famous historical figures who were born and worked in Almaty.

Students will also learn local history from new textbooks. The first copies of the book in Kazakh language for students of the 5th, 6th and 7th grades were presented in Taraz. Leading historians and teachers of Zhambyl region have written 20 topics of history, geography, Kazakh literature and music in the book. The textbook consists of three parts. Officials plan to publish 20, 000 of the book by September.


- The book offers in-depth information on local history. The program for the 5th graders provides overview of the local history while the textbooks for the 6th graders reveal great personalities of the region. The 7th graders’ books are dedicated to the culture of Taraz and Zhambyl region.

The local history textbook for 5th to 7th grades was also presented in Karaganda. It is a supplementary textbook on the history of Kazakhstan, geography, Kazakh literature and music. The new subject will teach students on the legends and historical monuments of Karaganda region. The program will focus on research activities. The new textbooks will be published in about 60,000 copies.


 - If a student lives in Shet district and knows the history of his district, he will learn more information in this textbook about the incredible historical sites of Ulytau and Zhana Arka districts. The book also presents information about the prominent talents born on this land such as biys, akyns and speakers.