Green technologies in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan

A real oasis in the steppe. Apple gardens as well as vegetable and melon crops were planted using the method of green technologies in Kyzylorda. A new cattle-breeding farm was also opened in the deserted area of the region. The application of nine alternative technologies has provided clean water and electricity to one of the farms in the region. A drip irrigation system was installed in the farm. The installed water pumps are pumping water from 330 meters deep well.  The water is filtered and used for domestic purposes.


Apple seedlings were imported from Poland. Next year, we plan to harvest three tonnes of harvest per hectare. We use alternative sources of energy in the farm. Solar and wind generators produce 40 kilowatts of energy.

Energy produced from alternative sources such as wind and solar panels are sufficient for the cattle-breeding farm. Currently, the farm has 250 cows. Specialists calculated that the use of new technologies will cut the energy cost to 29 million Tenge. At the same time, the level of emissions of harmful substances released into the atmosphere will also decrease. The innovative technology was introduced six months ago as part of the ‘Rehabilitation programs for densely populated lands of the Aral region’ project with the UNDP support.