German architect Philip Mojzer has published a guidebook to Astana

German architect Philip Mojzer has published a guidebook to Astana which includes dozens of maps, rare archive photos, as well as bright panoramic scenes. The guidebook is practical and interesting. The author recommends his work not only to professionals but also to European tourists who want to learn more about the pearl of the Great Steppe. The collection in English was presented in Berlin a few weeks ago.


-Our book is called ‘Architectural Guide.’ It is not only for architects but also for travellers and tourists, who are interested in Kazakhstan, who wants to learn about the history of buildings and how Astana has developed. I think it will be interesting for every traveller who wants to know Kazakhstan.

The author worked in Almaty, Aktau and Astana, where he designed buildings of embassies such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. Philip Mojzer visited Kazakhstan’s capital for the first time in early 2000. Since then, he has been to Astana more than 40 times and has seen how the city has developed and changed.


-In 2001 I remember I came to Astana from Almaty by train. It was still a small town. There were practically no new buildings. Then I could not imagine that Astana would develop so rapidly. Astana has become an amazing city, which is recognizable due to its appearance. First of all, I like the variety of styles of the entire architectural ensemble. I like the tall and elegant building of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the neoclassical building of Astana Opera as well as the works of Norman Foster, especially the library.

The guidebook to Astana is not the first edition of Philip Mojzer. Previously, he has published an architectural collection about Kazakhstan. The book was first published in German, which was then translated into Russian.


-We had been working on a collection about Kazakhstan for almost seven years. We collected material, information, and took photographs. We were acquainted with other architects. It was like a big mosaic that we had to collect. When we decided to issue a guide to Astana, it took us six months. We had the basic information. I gave all my heart to this work and it was a pleasure to create these two wonderful books. As a European architect, I can say it is a great success to build such a metropolis in 20 years.

Next year, Philip Mojzer plans to publish a new book about cities of Central Asia and their particular architecture. Astana will take one of the key roles, as an example of a successful modern Eurasian centre.