EXPO 2017 Legacy: Exhibition of international and local technologies

105 international and 28 local technologies showcased at EXPO 2017 exhibition will be implemented in Kazakhstan. The technologies will be used in different fields such as environmental protection, oil and gas, coal as well as ecology. According to Ministry of Energy Kazakhstan, a list of technologies was sent to national and private companies as well as the regional governor’s offices for consideration and selection of projects. The local authorities are considering using 40 of the technologies presented while private companies are interested to implement 15 green technologies.


 - Three technologies were selected for the coal industry, which will be implemented in 2019 and 2020. For the environmental sector, local government and companies selected 31 technologies of foreign and local developers covering air quality control and waste management in the household and industrial waste-water treatment. They are working to implement the approved roadmaps.

Currently, 16 projects are successfully operating in Kazakhstan. Most of the projects are being implemented by the governors’ offices. Among the technologies that were selected by the Kazakh officials include American hydraulic units, German wind power stations and Chinese solar batteries. Local technologies are also being used in Kazakhstan.


 - Scientist Alimgazin’s hydroelectric power station M-62 project was implemented by governor’s office in Auliekol district in Kostanay to heat water using solar. This technology was also used in 2018 by the governor’s offices in Pavlodar and Almaty. Meanwhile, scientist Bolatov’s wind turbine project was implemented in Kostanay. In East Kazakhstan, an unmanned mini hydroelectric power station with the capacity of 500 kilowatts, developed by Kazakh inventor, Zhilkashinova, will be built.

The theme of EXPO 2017, held in Astana, was Future Energy. The large-scale international event presented a new impetus for the development of green technologies in Kazakhstan. Direct investments in the energy sector led to the implementation of several large projects such as a wind farm in Yereymentau as well as solar power stations in Mangystau and Arnasay green village. Other projects that will be developed include the construction of large wind power stations in Mangystau and Akmola. This year, an auction of renewable energy projects was held in Kazakhstan for the first time. The International Center for Green Technology and Investment, located at EXPO, is created to provide a modern platform for innovative ideas.