Demand for Zerendi resort is growing

Different types of tourism such as business, cultural, educational, medical, environmental as well as extreme and sports tourism are being actively developed in Kazakhstan. These types of tourisms attract over 4.5 million foreign tourists to Kazakhstan every year. Hundreds of thousands of tourists like to spend holidays at Zerendi resort. New tourism facilities are created in the resort every year. The facilities include small recreational areas, boutique hotels and family recreational centres. Currently, there are a total of 40 such facilities in Zerendi and the resort has land to expand its services and entertainment areas. The resort is opened throughout the year and it can accommodate up to 2,000 tourists per day.


 - We built a children’s play area, as well as football, volleyball and basketball pitches. We plan to make an ice rink in winter and provide it with lighting to use at night.

According to forecast made by tour operators, the demand for Zerendi resort will continue to grow. A major contributor to the demand is the launch of the new highway connecting the resort area with Shchuchinsk, a city in northern-central of Kazakhstan. Beautiful wild nature surrounding the resort is an added advantage. Local tour operators are expanding their list of travel routes while hotel owners are improving their services and ensuring that the resort is opened for the whole year Meanwhile, local authorities are welcoming feedback to boost the tourism potential of the resort area.