Green technologies in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan

Green technologies are widely used in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan. Farmers in Kyzylorda region have benefited from the effectiveness of the alternative energy sources. About 100 cattle farmers and agrarians in Kyzylorda are using cost-effective solar panels. A local farmer in Besaryk village of Zhanakorgan district, Nyshanbek Moldashev said the alternative energy sources have created a favourable environment for farming.


 - It is very convenient. We have equipped 15 farm facilities with solar batteries. 10 of them were installed on houses and five were set up on movable trailers. Shepherds can drive them along the pasture lands and use the mini-power stations.

The Government provides support to agricultural producers to promote the active implementation of renewable energy technologies. Currently, up to 80 per cent of costs for purchasing and installation of green equipment is subsidized.


 - Up to 80 per cent of costs for the development of pasture lands, drilling of wells, as well as purchasing and installation of solar batteries are covered by the subsidies. 67 wells were drilled this year. About 10,000 hectares of land in the region are effectively used. 

35 farmers used alternative energy sources in Kyzylorda region in 2017 and 65 entrepreneurs introduced the modern technologies in their farms since the beginning of this year.