Kazakh military personnel is participating in the 4th International Army game

Teams from 32 countries are taking part in aviation and maritime training competitions on 24 sites in seven countries, which include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Iran, China, Russia and Kazakhstan. The event is the 4th International Army Game 2018 which started on July 28. The Kazakh military personnel will take part in 14 out of 28 competitions. All of them went through a complex multi-level selection. Within a few months, the best military personnel of types and branches of military forces and regional commands such as ‘Astana,’ ‘The South,’ ‘The West’ and ‘The East’ had been identified.


 - Women did complex training, including push-ups and press completed in a minute and each exercise lasted for 30 seconds. We also throw grenades based on distance and accuracy. I think we showed good results, but we still aspire to be the best.

‘The Masters of artillery fire’ competition, the ‘Falconry’ competition on calculating unmanned aerial vehicles and the ‘Confident reception’ competition on calculating military signalers are conducted on Kazakhstan’s territory, on the ‘Otar’ military base in Zhambyl region as part of the International Army Games. In total, 18 teams from 12 countries will participate in the games including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, China and Syria.


 - We expect to win. Our team is well prepared. We even have a battle cry, which inspires artillerymen. This is not just a game for us, but also an invaluable experience.

Russia hosted the International Army Games between units of the armed forces of the participating states in 2015 for the first time. The main goal of the competition is to conduct combat training and identify the strongest specialists in 28 military applied disciplines.