Artificial heart transplant was performed in Kazakhstan for the first time

A surgery to replace an artificial heart with a donor's heart was performed in Kazakhstan for the first time. This is a new stage in the development of cardiac surgery in the country. A year ago, a CARMAT bioprosthetic heart was implanted in a patient who was suffering from heart failure at the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center. The patient’s artificial heart was replaced by a donor’s heart when it was available.


 - Nine months ago, the patient had a condition when it was impossible to transplant the donor's heart. However, after we implanted the artificial heart, functions of the patient’s other organs like liver and lungs have been improved. We have noticed these improvements immediately after transplantation. Three months later, his pressure in the pulmonary artery, which is a very important criterion, dropped to normal which means the donor heart can be transplanted. Thus, we had been searching for the donor's heart for three months.

The artificial CARMAT heart is the latest development in science and it is considered as very similar to a human heart. The bioprosthetic heart weighs one kilogram. The artificial heart is not only considered as a replacement for the heart but it also gives the patient a chance to wait for a donor’s heart. Currently, the waiting list for those who need a heart transplant at the Cardiac Surgery Center is over 60 patients. After the heart transplant, Petropavlosk resident Alexey Chaban is adapting to his new life.


 - This is very important for any country because this illness does not choose a nationality. It applies to everyone. Therefore, these are very important developments.  It’s a very important step. I am lucky to have another chance to live.

Alexey said the new heart has given him hope for a new life and he wants to significantly improve the quality of his life. To date, artificial heart transplant has been performed on three patients in Kazakhstan.