International 'MUQALI' expedition from China

The international ‘Muqali’ expedition arrived from China. A group of enthusiastic scientists, historians, writers, architects, sculptors and media specialists visited Beijing, Shanxi, Xian and Yulin. They visited historical places that preserved the memory of Muqali. He was one of the well-respected generals during the reign of Genghis Khan. He was at the peak of his career when he led a campaign to China. In 1217, Muqali headed 62,000 armies and was appointed as the Governor of Genghis Khan in China. He is known as a skilful politician and a promoter of the unification of Chinese people.


 - The fact that Genghis Khan conquered China is a separate story. However, Muqali's contribution to the formation of our statehood is priceless. Thanks to his influence, our people were able to unite in a single Yuan empire. Paying tribute to this invaluable contribution, we treasure our heritage.

The Chinese pay special tribute to Muqali, who is a Kazakh by birth and the commander who led the campaign of Genghis Khan against the Jin dynasty. The largest memorial complex in Yulin was built in memory of the Great Man on three hectares of land.


 - I am the keeper of this memorial for the fifth generation. My two great-grandfathers, grandfather and father had worked here before me. I have been taking care of the historical monument since 1985. Soon I will transfer the baton to my son. It is our sacred duty to honour and respect the Great Govan.


 - Mukali is a figure of a planetary scale. French historian Osson called him Generalissimo. Having such a rank among all the famous commanders of the Turkic world is the recognition of his outstanding talent as a political strategist and commander. Having visited all the memorable places where our great ancestor had passed, we touched the history and breathed the spirit of that time.

Materials collected during the expedition will form the basis for future documentary and feature films, as well as a series of books about the famous ancestor. A memorial complex of Muqali will be created.