Kazakhstan’s tourist attractiveness is growing among Americans

Kazakhstan’s tourist attractiveness is growing among Americans

Astana is turning into the new growth point on the map of the world travel routes. American businessman David Valera is set to ensure the tourist flow to the heart of Eurasia. In spring, the well-known entrepreneur from New York gathered a group of tourists for a trip to Kazakhstan. According to him, he was fascinated with Kazakhstan a long time ago. He decided to show the authentic nature and culture of Kazakhstan to Americans. This summer, his plans came true. According to the businessman, the citizens of the United States have express great interest to visit Kazakhstan.  


 - I came to Kazakhstan about 6 years ago. I started to visit the country for touristic reasons. The more I came here, the more I learned about the culture, its people. I found Kazakh people to be very welcoming, very warm, very friendly. I chose Kazakhstan because, number one, it’s the number one economy in Central Asia.

It’s the first visit to Astana for Jeff Stell and his daughter. In three days, they explored Astana from different angles. First, the travelers learned about the landmarks of the city, including the National Museum, the EXPO facilities and one of the most recognized observation towers of Kazakhstan, the Baiterek monument. After enjoying the sights of one of the youngest capitals of the world, the American tourists traveled to Almaty. 


 - We went to see Baiterek tower which was spectacular. Baiterek tower I think is really a superior structure. It’s very good and such a beautiful view of Astana. It’s just absolutely gorgeous. I will absolutely recommend to my friends that they come to Kazakhstan in the future.

Kazakhstan is recently attracting more tourists from various part of the world. Next month, tourists from Japan and Spain will visit Astana.