New travel destinations within Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is developing its regional tourism potential. The city of Taraz has a huge opportunity in the industry. The southern city is ready to welcome up to two million tourists per year. Taraz is located along the Great Silk Road and the city is rich with historical facilities. Local officials plan to open a pedestrian touristic zone for the convenience of tourists. The zone will include oldest buildings that were constructed during different historical ages.


 - The exterior of these ancient facilities is just the same as it was before. It is well preserved. We are currently performing the repair works. We support the idea of preserving the facilities and their historical value and heritage.

Recently, local specialists reconstructed the house-museum of Soviet biologist, Konstantin Skryabin. About 500 items are presented in the museum, including the works of the scientist, his furniture and personal belongings. Specialists plan to restore other historical houses as well. The district is included in the map of regional domestic tourism development, which includes 26 buildings and 15 facilities that are subjected to repair works. According to experts, the redesigned interior of the past will allow tourists to be immersed in the history


 - The decorations, including lighting, bridges, flowers and vases should be relevant to that time period so that tourists visiting the museum felt like going back in time. They should enjoy the museum.

The Aulie Ata Square is part of the city that was under intensive development in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. At that time, builders were actively using adobe bricks in construction of shopping centers, small shops, offices and administrative buildings. All the facilities have great historical values and are protected by the Government.


 - We are currently standing on the Bekturganov street in Taraz, followed by the Pushkin, Askarov and Tolebi streets. They are considered as the architectural heritage assets related to the Aulie Ata period.

In the future, the local officials plan to incorporate the Aulie Ata Square and the ‘Ancient Taraz’ historical and cultural center into one touristic zone. According to experts, the new development will allow tourists to travel in time, starting from the middle ages up to the 19th century. It will also attract more tourists into the region.