Valuable Archeological Artifacts

Archeologists discovered valuable artifacts in Tarbagatai Mountains in Eastern Kazakhstan. During the excavation works at the ‘Yeleke Sazy’ burial ground, the researchers discovered more than 3,000 gold items. They include women’s jewelry, a mirror and clothing items. Some items are unique and have never been recovered in other burial grounds before. According to suggestions of Doctor of Historical Sciences Zeinolla Samashev, the artifacts belong to the elite of the Saka tribes dating back to the 8-7th centuries BC. The researchers were impressed by technologies applied in the gold jewelry production. The skillful performance of the jewelry pieces indicates that the Saka people had a well-developed culture and applied advanced technologies. The archeologists expect discovering more artifacts as there are 200 unexplored burial grounds in Tarbagatai Mountains.


 - We discovered a great many gold items among stones, as well as women’s and men’s clothes that served as an offering. Two people of the royal background are possibly buried here, a man and a woman, if they were not royal, then they belonged to the elite of the Saka community.