Expedition to 20 natural sites of Kazakhstan

A large-scale project, expedition to 20 natural sites of Kazakhstan, is underway in the country. In three months of the expedition, the travelers will cover six routes. Each of them is designed to include as many holy sites as possible for the development of tourism. The ‘Pearl of Tian Shan’ was the first route of the expedition.   


 - The route covers not only the northern Tian Shan, but also part of the central Tian Shan. We will travel to the Bayankol river valley to observe the Khan Tengri peak, which is the world’s northernmost 7,000-meter peak. It is included in the list of the peaks that mountaineers should ascend and mountain tourist should visit. 

The route is designed for the people with various levels of preparedness. The team of 25 people includes bloggers, tour operators and travelers. Fatima Ahmadi from Kuwait is one of them. She visited more than 100 countries of the world. She is sharing her impressions on her online page.  


 - Currently, I’m in Kazakhstan to show the people the different flavors of Kazakhstan and the beauty of Kazakhstan.  Starting from the city out into the wild.

After Tian Shan, a new group of travelers will go to Altai. The expedition will last till September 29. Khabar Agency is the information partner of the project. All the unusual routes of the expedition can be learned from the episodes of the ‘Across the Kazakh Land’ program on Kazakh TV.