Kazakh officials are set to boost the tourist potential of the Baikonur Cosmodrome

The Kazakh government is working steadily on tourist attraction. This sector can become a promising source of income for Kazakhstan. The Kazakh officials are set to boost the tourist potential of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The officials are planning to open a recreational area near Baikonur. It will be a large complex with the area of 50 hectares that will serve as an alternative for those willing to learn more about the space flights. From this complex, tourists will be able to watch the launches of the spacecraft through powerful telescopes.


- Space amusement rides will be installed here. According to the project, there will be a sphere at the top floor. Tourists will be able to watch the rocket launches through the telescopes with the sound effects. The project is submitted to the government bodies. It is approved and we are looking for investors. 

According to the forecasts of specialists, Korkyt Ata International Airport will be helpful to increase the flow of tourists to Kyzylorda region. Regular flights from Kyzylorda to Moscow were opened this week.


 - We collaborated with the Baikonur city administration on organization of the direct bus routes to the airport in Kyzylorda to ensure flight occupancy. We paid consideration to the fact that there are many Russian citizens living in Baikonur. Before, there used to be only charter flights to Moscow.

The tickets for the first flight are sold out. The flight occupancy is a testimony of the great interest to the region, which shows the potential of the tourist industry development.