Green production projects

Eco-entrepreneurs of Kostanay region are increasing their production capacities and expanding the range of products. Today, the goods made of plastic waste are in great demand among the consumers. One of such products is geotextile. Application of the material in construction of highways and the take-off runways extends their service lives by seven times. The new factory on production of the geotextile in the Kostanay region works around the clock. The enterprise produces nearly 60 types of composite materials in seven production lines.


 - In general, it is used for the concrete base so that concrete laitance doesn’t leak through the textile as it strengthens the roadbed.

The enterprise’s output is supplied all over Kazakhstan and covers 60 per cent of the internal market’s demand in geotextile and composite materials.


 - Our products are used in construction of highways such as Astana – Pavlodar, Oskemen – China, and to build roads in Western Kazakhstan and at the borders with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

About 5,000 tonnes of plastic wastes are recycled at the factory every year. They process not only bottles, but the caps as well. For instance, they manufacture pipes from the caps. Recently, the enterprise launched production of plastic film. They use recyclable materials such as plastic pellet.


 - Here we have the plastic wastes that are called plastic pellet. We use heat treatment to process this material. At the end, we get the following final product, a plastic film. The line’s capacity is six tonnes a day. The plastic film is applied in a number of industries, including agriculture, road construction and the light industry.

The management is set to further enhance the capacity of the factory. They will launch four more lines of production in the near future.