Traveling across the Great Steppe

A large-scale expedition to the significant natural sites of Kazakhstan will start tomorrow. The main purpose of the trip is studying the natural, historical and holy sites of Kazakhstan in order to develop the new travel routes. The expedition will last until September 29 passing across six routes and will cover six largest travel clusters. Professional guides, experiences travelers, journalists, travel blogger, parliament members and celebrities will travel along the routes, such as ‘Sary Arka’, ‘From Sea to Sea’, ‘The New Silk Road’ and will ascend the Tian Shan, the Altai and the Dzungarian Alatau mountains.  


-  In three months, the professionals will visit the most interesting locations of our country and by the end of the expedition they will share the results with the local and foreign tourists. The purpose of this trip is not just marketing, but an important research for further development of the tourism infrastructure in Kazakhstan.

The course of the expedition will be widely covered by the mass media. Khabar Agency is the main media partner of the trip. The national satellite channel Kazakh TV broadcasting in more than 100 countries will show the local and foreign viewers a series of programs filmed during the expedition in five different languages.  


 - Our production team will participate in the expedition as they will film along all six routes. As a result of the expedition, we will launch a television project titled ‘Across the Kazakh Land’ in the new television season that starts in September. It will consist of 30 episodes, 25 minutes each. This program will serve as practical tool in our efforts to attract international tourists. 

On one of the routes of the expedition titled ‘The New Silk Road’, the Kazakh travelers will be joined by their Russian colleagues from the team of the National Geographic Russia.