A special summer holiday for children at Burabay Resort Area

A special summer holiday for children at Burabay Resort Area

A special summer holiday for children is prepared this year in a health camp at Burabay Resort Area. The camp offers special thematic leisure activities for children and it is organized as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Children are taught Kazakh traditions and customs and the secrets of national cuisine. They also take part in traditional competitions and games as well as went on excursions to historical sites.


- We signed an agreement with the Kazakh Drama Theatre and we will demonstrate our Kazakh traditions in the national costumes. Our main goal is to preserve the national identity, traditions and history. Children have a full access to these customs. The other project is called “One Week in a Village”, where our children will participate. It is a free project and they will visit cattle farms and see how kumys and shubat are produced.

350 children from different regions of Kazakhstan are spending their vacation in the center. They admit that they like the eventful program of the summer camp.


-  It is my first time in Burabay. There is a beautiful forest, lots of greenery and clean air. I made a lot of new friends.


-  I liked this camp and I want to come here again next summer. The instructors said we are going to the excursion soon. They promise to organize a hike and show us the beautiful places of Burabay.

The original programs of the teaching staff are also designed to make the children’s holidays unforgettable. Anastasiya Nurimannova is recognized as the creator of the best project “Happy Holidays” on the national level. Her project is aimed at organizing children’s leisure activities on the basis of creativity, tourism and local history.


We visit holy sites and learn a lot about monuments and sights. We are also organizing the rope courses as part of a series of sports events. The children are learning to tie knots correctly and they participate in the sports events, because every year our sports events become more complex. Each level is designed for children of certain age and for their physical capabilities. We are also organizing a bardic festival, a wonderful project that was held as part of the ‘Entertaining Holidays’ program.