Kazakhstan has a large wind power potential

Kazakhstan has a large wind power potential. The average annual wind speed at almost half of the country is 4-5 meters per second with higher speed recorded in some regions. According to experts, the wind speed is an excellent condition for the development of alternative energy sources. Large wind power projects are being implemented in Akmola region. For three years, a wind farm has been operating in Ereymentau district. The 45 megawatts capacity energy production is used to supply electricity to 60, 000 population of the city.

The construction of a large wind farm will begin in the Arshaly district, which is located 40 kilometers from Astana. Nearly 30 wind turbines with over 100 meters height will be built at the 200 hectares wind farm. The first phase of the project will start at the end of this month after a three-year planning. During the planning stage, meteorological aspects such as wind speed and temperature were taken into account.


 - We installed meteorological towers to conduct research on wind energy. It took us more than one year to complete the study. Based on mathematical calculations as well as our analysis on the wind forecasts, we have identified that this area is perfect to implement our project. We also prepare a feasibility study for the construction of the wind farm. We plan to produce 300 million kW/h of electricity annually.

The cost of the project is 82.5 billion Tenge. The wind farm is targeted to be partially operational by year-end and fully operational in May 2020. The total combined capacity of the wind farms will be 100 megawatts. The generated electricity will be connected to the network of the main system operator.