Resort area of ​​Pavlodar region: Lake Maraldy

Kazakhstan has a huge tourism potential. There are vast opportunities to develop various types of tourism including well-being retreats. Lake Maraldy in the Pavlodar region is well-known to have elements that could help improve health. The water and mud in the lake contains unique compositions of salt and minerals. Over 50,000 visitors visited the retreat last year. The visitor number is expected to increase to 70,000 this year.


-  We have arrived in Maraldy for this purpose. We know about the healing properties of salty water and mud. It is not our first visit here. We like it a lot and more importantly we feel the therapeutic effect.

Local authorities provide conditions for comfortable recreation. Investors are rapidly developing the touristic infrastructure. For example, 150 million Tenge were invested in the implementation of a major project for the construction of a water park. They also plan to increase the territory of the well-maintained beaches and expand the parking area.


- This year, we are constructing a large pier. We will also arrange hammocks over the water and children's area. A large concert stage is being built for the performances of popular singers.

In the near future, pantotherapy will be practiced in the Maraldy resort. Pantotherapy is the use of extracts from the horns of maral or deer for health purposes.  Marals are bred for the development of the new industry. According to experts, treatment based on the extract from the horns of marals has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Pavlodar region is a very attractive area for tourism development. There are 22 salty lakes in Shcherbakty district alone. There is a beautiful forest lake in the depths of an old forest, where a new recreation area will be constructed in the near future. Pilgrimage to the holy sites of the region is also actively developing.