International Bicycle Ride

Participants of the international bicycle riders have arrived in Kazakhstan. A month ago, a group of European sports enthusiasts began the cycling trip in Saint Petersburg. There are citizens of Switzerland, Germany and Austria among them. A total of 22 people are taking part in the marathon and the youngest cyclist is 57 years old. The cyclists plan to travel the distance of 10 thousand kilometers. In order to achieve the goal, they have to cover almost 150 kilometers per day. The routes that they plan to cover are located in several countries including Kazakhstan, whereby it covers almost 1,500 kilometers in Kostanai, Akmola and Pavlodar regions. The final destination for the cyclists is Vladivostok.


- I decided to take part in the marathon firstly because of my desire to visit Eastern Europe. I had never been there before. I am from Switzerland; I have visited many neighboring countries, but I was very impressed by the nature in Kazakhstan, by the wide steppe. When we stopped in Astana, I was impressed by the modern architecture and the high-rise buildings. Astana is very similar to Dubai.