«Asia Media Dialogue» forum

Asia Media Dialogue continues its session in Astana. Local and international journalists as well as representatives of media companies from 40 countries discuss about the important aspects of mass media activities. What information does the audience need, how to make content interesting for viewers? Well-known reporters, media managers and researchers shared their opinions. Delegates shared their thoughts on new technologies and its application in mass media operations. According to representatives of NHK, the largest broadcasting corporation in Japan, the latest scientific developments and modern technologies eases the work of journalists and it can also be used to attract more viewers.


 - Big data is very important for our broadcasting industry to pick up the news materials from social media. So, our reporters can pick up the news, latest information from the social media.

The Asia Media Dialogue brings positive results to media practitioners although it is the first collaborative event between Kazakhstan and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The sessions in the last two days have provided local journalists with the access to interesting information. The journalists also took part in a variety of media workshops and establish contacts with media colleagues from Asia and Oceania. Meanwhile, Khabar Agency signed a cooperation memorandum with the State Television of Macau. According to Secretary General of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Javad Mottaghi, the conference provided an opportunity for participants from various countries to see the completely different potential of the 21st century media industry.


 - I see not only here but also in many countries in Asia that media industry is developing fast. It’s taking the advantage of new technology and what the new technology offer to expand the reach to reach the public to enhance the quality of production, reduce the cost of production and give a better quality and using all platforms that new media and new technology offers. I see it is almost every corner of Asia, I am happy to see that.