An ancient sword was found in the Kyzylorda region

An ancient sword was found in the Kyzylorda region by a resident of the Shieli village. The discovery was made while the resident, Darkhanbek Seit-Sultanov was working on a construction. He did not realize the value of the sword and instead he gave it to his friend. Darkhanbek’s friend cleared the rusty sword and decided to show it to the specialists of a local museum.


 - When I found the sword, I did not expect that it could have historical value. The wood materials turned into small pieces, the stones and concrete turned into fragments. At the same time, the metal surface was not deformed at all.

The shape of the sword is similar to a machete. Scientists and experts are conducting a study on the origins of the sword.


 - The exhibit requires a detailed study. But it is known already that the sword is in oriental style and consists of metal alloys. According to its shape, there are some reasons to think, that the sword refers roughly to the 17th century. Shieli was located in the area of the Great Silk Road at that time. There were Syganak and Bestam nearby also. Experts will give an accurate assessment.

If the historical value of the find is confirmed, scientists will begin archaeological excavations in this area soon. There is a high possibility that there would be other important ancient items that could be found as well.