Development of Kazakh medicine

Kazakhstan’s medicine industry is successfully developing as local doctors use advanced techniques and innovative technologies. In addition, the industry is transforming digitally. For example, all survey results are available to doctors in an electronic format in Aktobe. Foreign doctors help to digitize medical facilities of the region. As part of the memorandum of cooperation with South Korea, the Picture Archiving and Communication System is implemented. Telemedicine is also developing which allows remote consultations and online conferences.


 - New technologies allow a doctor to receive online conclusions of research centers on his or her smartphone or computer.

Specialists in Astana are also achieving great results. Doctors have recently performed an unusual surgery, which was the implantation of a nerve stimulator. They discovered that a wired device can prevent epileptic seizures in patients. 10 surgeons from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia observed the specialized technologies used by Kazakh doctors. They arrived in Astana to obtain the experience and knowledge. Such surgeries are just beginning to be conducted in these countries.


 - Master classes do not interfere with our experience. By talking to other specialists, we change our opinions on what is better, the kind of approaches and nuances. We learn from others.

In addition to the implantation of a nerve stimulator surgery, surgeons also conduct master classes on the restoration of cerebral vessels. This new technique helps to prevent strokes.