Kazakhstan is systematically developing its tourism industry

Kazakhstan is systematically developing its tourism industry. According to the World Economic Forum, last year Kazakhstan has jumped by four positions in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. Today, the republic has adopted an updated Concept for development of the tourism industry until 2023. According to experts, the share of tourism in the country's GDP will be at 8% by 2025.

Kazakhstan’s Burabai, Balkash and Alakol are rich for its natural beauty. Travelers from different countries visited these areas to admire its landscape. According to tour operators, the local Kazakhs are starting to prefer to have a vacation in their homeland.


 - People go there to rest and to get a treatment. Alakol and Balkash are annual destinations. Each year, everything is getting better.

Numerous hotels in Burabai can accommodate up to 10,000 people per day. Therefore, tourists have plenty of choices. In addition, the resorts are constantly improving their services. For example, the design of general market is the decoration for this year. Furthermore, managers have also created new areas and activities for travellers.


 - In the near future we plan to organize a yurt festival. All our colors will be shown. We expect that all regions will take part. We will show a variety of yurts. As part of the festival, the ‘baige’ national game will take place for the third time this year.

Medical tourism is also developing in Kazakhstan. Sanatoriums of Saryagash and Alakol are in demand among Kazakh and foreign travelers. The network of such health resorts is located practically on the border area with China. Despite the remoteness, the number of people visiting to relax and seek treatments is growing every year. This motivates local entrepreneurs to expand and improve the level of service.


  - They welcome people very well. The service is good, the food is good and swimming there is good.


 - We can accommodate nearly 200 people. We have 100% employment during weekends. We have a lot of foreigners, mostly from Latvia, Russia and China.

The most popular domestic tours during the weekend for Kazakhs and foreign visitors are the mountains, healing lakes and canyons. New transportation network, particularly summer flights from Almaty and Astana are introduced in two destinations, which are Balkhash and Alakol.


 - Last year, domestic tourism in the country grew by 20% which has been mostly influenced by Astana EXPO 2017. We have a goal of keeping tourism indicators at the same level. This year, we mark the 20th anniversary of the capital and we are also waiting for guests.

Tourists of Astana are offered walks around the city. Guides have nearly 10 tours with different time and locations. Since the beginning of the year, the country’s tourist cluster has benefited 1.5 billion tenge in taxes to the budget. According to experts, this is a clear indicator that interest in the republic is growing. Kazakhstan attracts tourists with its diversity. In addition, the improved service, expansion of the range of routes and the increased number of hotels, cafes and restaurants play a significant role. This year, international standards of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in the management will be introduced for the successful development of tourism.