Investment in Renewable Energy projects

Kazakhstan has 55 operating renewable energy facilities with a total capacity of 336 megawatts. One of the facilities is the Burnoye solar power station which was built in the Zhambyl region. This is the largest project in Central Asia and the cost was estimated at US$123 million. Out of which US$91 million were invested by international financial institutions, the rest came from the participants. In the next two years, solar and biogas stations will be built in Kazakhstan. Moreover, four hydroelectric power stations with the total capacity of 20 megawatts will be built. The projects will be implemented with the help of investors. 53 companies from Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria took part in the bidding. As a result, 15 companies will sign a contract for 15 years. 


 - As a result of spring trading, four solar power plants with a maximum capacity of 68 megawatts will be implemented within two years for a total volume of 23 billion tenge in the Almaty and Kyzylorda regions. Within three years, 10 wind and 1 biogas power stations with the total capacity of 105.8 megawatts will be realized in the Akmola, Kostanai, North Kazakhstan and Mangystau regions.

The solar power plant will be built in the Karaganda region. The project is worth US$46 million. The funds are allocated by foreign companies. Experts say that the location of the solar power collecting plant which is 50 kilometers away from the Balkhash town is one of the most beneficial in the country. This is because a number of clear days and a high solar radiation coefficient coincide with a schedule of a desired temperature. The station's area is nearly 100 hectares and its power reaches up to 40 megawatts.


 - For example, in order to give power from this power station which is 110 kilovolts, it is necessary to provide with power output from this substation. This is the power transmission line of the Zhezkazgan Regional Electric Grid Company.

Work will be completed in ten months. The installation of the station near Sarani with the capacity of 100 megawatts will be finished in November. In total, three solar stations are being built in the region. According to the Kazakh Ministry of National Economy, until 2020 approximately 52 renewable energy facilities with the total capacity of two gigawatts will be put into operation in Kazakhstan for the total investment volume of almost one trillion tenge.