Tourism development

Many different types of tourism are represented in Kazakhstan, including environmental, sightseeing, extreme and business. The tourism business itself contributed to the development of regions in the country. The Akmola region is currently preparing to welcome more visitors. A tourism call center now handles up to 100 calls per day from potential tourists. The tourists are interested in the prices of hotels as well as the terms and conditions of participation in the festival of yurts, which will be held in mid-June.


- We plan to organize a yurt festival in the near future where we will show our authenticity. We expect that all districts will participate in the event. We will show a variety of yurts. As part of the festival, the Baige national game will take place for the third time this year.

Tourists prefer not only to visit landscapes and nature reserves, but they also want to learn the historical and cultural monuments in Kazakhstan. The Abylaikhan glade is very popular in Burabay. New routes are being prepared for the tourists, which includes Baikal and Ukili Ybrai.

In Pavlodar, tourists can witness the lifestyle of nomads without leaving the city. Items of folk applied art can be found in a special ethno village, specifically tekemet as well as alasha woven by craftswomen on the spot. Artisans also offer masterpieces made of wood. Poets and musicians entertain guests. According to organizers, the ethno village will be available in the city park all summer long.


- Today we arrived at the opening of the ethno village from the Yertis district. We have two yurts which will be available the entire summer. We are waiting for guests of Pavlodar. We welcome you here. Every day there will be a concert program. We are very proud of our district.


- 26 yurts are installed. All cities and districts are represented. There will be national dishes such as kumis, baursak and other types of national cuisine.

Kazakhstan’s Burabai resort area is one of the top five destinations for recreation in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The rating includes the Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan, the Naroch Lake in Belarus, the Caspian Sea coast in Azerbaijan and the Sevan Lake in Armenia.