7th Eurasian Higher Education Leaders forum

Challenges in education in the era of breakthrough technologies were discussed at the 7th Eurasian Higher Education Leaders forum in Astana. Representatives of education sector from 15 countries discussed about the effect of innovation and global trends on universities. According to international expert Jamil Salmi, it is important for universities today to adapt to the rapidly developing technologies. In the era of automation and robotics, many professions ceased to be relevant and some even disappeared. Therefore, managers in the education sector should be one step ahead and understand the majors that are necessary for students.


 - So we need to learn about critical thinking. When we look at information to make sense of it. Is it true? Is it not true? How do I apply this information to solve a problem. We need to transform the curriculum, the way we teach. We can’t continue to just sit and let the professor dictate. It has to be interactive. We can learn on our own.  We can learn from other students which is called now peer learning.

One of the leading universities in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University has become the leader in introducing innovative approaches to the educational system. According to the university president Shigeo Katsu, new technologies play a fundamental role in teaching students and conducting research. He said it is important to embrace progress and to use it as a tool for comprehensive development of an education system.


 - We are trying to introduce technologies in classrooms increasingly. We are moving towards modern classroom. We are developing a whole generation of data scientists and data managers, also our computation science programs are increasing. Our university has been asked by the government to serve as an advisor in reference for Digital Kazakhstan.