Kazakhstan-China: Strategic partnership

Kazakhstan and China are strengthening economic cooperation based on the principles of mutual benefit. The bilateral relations prioritize the Kazakh economy, said President Nursultan Nazarbayev at a media briefing on the results of his visit to China. The President provided details on the implementation of joint industrial and innovative projects between Kazakhstan and China. The projects result in the establishment of enterprises, which produce export-oriented value added high technology products.


- We are conducting the Industrial and Innovative Development Program. We have developed 1,200 enterprises. Our task is to build a second alternative economy independent from primary resources. The prices on oil and gas dropped to US$30. The priced on all types of metals also dropped. Therefore, we cannot depend on our natural resources. That’s why we need to think about the ways of moving forward and areas that will make the economy grow. There are 51 projects, four of which have been launched, six will be launched this year and eleven are in progress. I have listed 21 projects, and 18 more are planned for the next year.

A number of documents have been signed during President Nazarbayev’s state visit to China. These documents include a cooperation agreement in preventing illicit trafficking of nuclear materials as well as a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in finance, investment and e-commerce. Experts say that the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China has transcended the territorial framework and has acquired a transcontinental scale. The long term participation in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ global infrastructure project will bring noticeable geopolitical benefits to Kazakhstan.


- Kazakhstan is considered as a financial and physical center of the One Belt, One Road project. On the map it can be seen that Kazakhstan is right in the middle of the road from Paris to Beijing or from Paris to Shanghai. The One Belt, One Road project is important for everyone and it means that this financial center will be very important for everyone. This will strengthen Kazakhstan's position in the world, because being a transport hub of modern Asia, Kazakhstan will play a greater role than simply having the sum of its economic power. Kazakhstan has always been distinguished for its ability to create multi-vector alliances and to befriend the East, the West, the North and the South at the same time. This is a great talent of the Kazakh leadership.