Construction of the Big Almaty Ring Road has started in Almaty region

Construction of the Big Almaty Ring Road (BARR) has started in Almaty region. Experts estimate that the six-lane road with a length of 66 kilometers will relieve traffic congestion by 60 per cent. Moreover, it will also increase the transit cargo traffic through the territory of Kazakhstan. It is the largest project involving the public-private partnership tools and worth 180 billion Tenge. A consortium of Turkish and Korean companies is involved in the project.


- The project covers eight interchanges and 40 bridges and flyovers. Construction is planned to be completed in four and a half years. After the construction, the consortium will be operating this road for 15 years. 

According to experts, the approximate timeframe for the return on investment is 15 years. About 3,000 people and over 300 units of equipment are involved in the construction of the BARR. Builders use domestically-made construction supplies in the construction of the large-scale project.  


- We will use 99 per cent of supplies produced in Kazakhstan. There are domestically-made bitumen, crushed stone, cement, fence, road marking, available in Kazakhstan. The concrete that we use is a little thicker than others. We made the cold-applied coating thicker and we want to consolidate the existing soil.  

The BARR is part of the Western Europe – Western China international corridor. According to economic forecast, the new road will give a strong impetus to the economic development of the whole region as it would cause a big multiplier effect. Local authorities plan to attract over 300 billion Tenge of investments for the construction of transport and storage terminals, as well as roadside facilities of small and medium-sized businesses.