Kazakh TV expands presence on internet platforms

Two Kazakh television channels Khabar24 and Kazakh TV are expanding their presence on the Internet platforms. The managers of the channels held negotiations on placing the channels’ content on OTT platforms during the World Content Market conference. The Khabar network channels are represented on the international multiscreen platform for broadcasting, Vintera.TV. The platform has 10 million users. The technology company offers a number of opportunities for its right holders. For example, the right holders may create a new channel from the provided content with guaranteed audience and accurate statistics views. The content is distributed on 200 largest OTT platforms. According to Vintera.TV general director Gerasim Gadiyan, the expansion of its Kazakh content is one of the company’s priorities. 


- We have the opportunity to place contents of the TV channel as part of the video on demand services, not only on the Vintera.TV, and also on a wide variety of 200 OTT platforms in Russia, including the large ones, such as Yandex, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Rutube. As for Kazakhstan’s market, we are currently developing the systems for popular channels such as Kazakh TV and Khabar 24. We are set to implement these plans in the upcoming months.


- The platforms are developing and participants are ready to work with any platforms, both OTT and online theaters, given that these platforms are massively developed and accept foreign content.

In the course of three days, over 1,500 delegates from 600 companies held talks on purchases, sales and joint production of media projects at the World Content Market conference held in Moscow. This year, the conference was attended by representatives of 40 countries.