Kazakhstan-Japan: Scientific cooperation

Japanese scientists believe that environment is an important element that needs to be considered for technological progress. According to researchers, new technologies allow the efficient use of natural resources. Astana hosted an international symposium, which was attended by Japanese scientists, Kazakh Government officials and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The Japanese scientists shared their research works with their Kazakh colleagues. The participants of the symposium noted that it is possible to find a balance between growing economic development and preserving ecosystems. In order to solve these issues, a Japanese foundation dedicated to the development and implementation of eco-technologies, is ready to provide its best practices to Kazakhstan. According to the head of the organization, Hiroto Ishida it is important to provide proper training to specialists to solve the issues related to the efficient use of natural resources.


The collaboration among people is very important. And education is also very important. It is important to increase educational investment, research and development investment. It is a way for your country to increase scientific and technological activities.