Yesil river cruise

Yesil river cruise

Walks along the Yesil River have always been a special leisure for residents and guests of Astana. This year marks the 10th year of river cruise season in Astana.

The Yesil river cruise became a favorite pastime for tourists. Last year, more than 30,000 people enjoyed the unique architecture of the capital on the river cruise.


 - Every year our ships undergo a checkup, which is similar to a car inspection. Only after a thorough checkup, we proceed to work. We make sure that everything is checked, including a sufficient number of life jackets.

The first walk along the Yesil River took place in 2009. Since then the number of ships has increased almost threefold. Previously there were five boats and now there are 14 ships. Six boats are used to carry passengers and each boat accommodates up to 265 passengers.


 - We plan to update and buy additional boats because the demand for our services is growing. However, we can’t serve more passengers now because we have a limited number of boats. This year, we plan to buy a couple of small boats in order to expand our fleet.

In the future, a port is planned to be opened on the embankment of Yesil River. Currently, the navigation route has been temporarily changed due to the construction of a pedestrian bridge under the amphitheater.

After the completion of the construction works, the cruise will be carried out from the Kenesary monument to the official workplace of the President, Akorda. In total, the river trip will be 18 kilometers.