Aral Sea restoration

The second phase of the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project will consist of two stages. At the first stage, funds will be allocated from the republican budget without taking loans. Experts said that after the completion of the new project, the sea will be filled with water. It will give an impetus to the agricultural sector as well as the fish farming industry.  


- After the completion of the second project, the sea level will rise. Previously, the water was 100 kilometers far from the Aral city and but after the completion of the project, it will only be a couple of kilometers away. There is a bed that leads to the Aral Sea, that needs to be cleaned and then the original Aral Sea will be restored. 

The Kyzylorda hydroelectric complex will undergo reconstruction next year in the second phase of the project. Defensive design of damns will be constructed, the Syr Darya River bed will be changed, and a bridge will be built in the Kazaly district. There are also plans to reconstruct ponds of local fishing farms. According to experts, the yield will increase two to three times. Currently, there are several fishing farms in Kyzylorda region. Batyrkhan Prekeyev is managing one of them. The farm’s annual yield is 300 tonnes of fish, and half of it is exported.


- Currently, fish from the Aral Sea is in high demand in Europe. The major part of the exported fish is shipped to France and Turkey. We plan to ship the Aral Sea fish to Azerbaijan and Georgia as well.

Currently, experts are planning to increase the height of the dam at the Kokaral dam by six meters. It will reduce the water salinity in the Northern Aral Sea and will improve the ecologic environment in the region.