International Motor-Car Rally

International Motor-Car Rally

Participants of the ‘Victory Without Borders’ motor-car rally dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in World War II covered thousands of kilometers and reached Russia. The patriotic movement started on May 7 in Dushanbe. Participants arrived in the Kazakh city of Shymkent on May 9. The drivers’ next destinations are Almaty, Astana and Petropavlovsk.


- We initiated the international motor-car rally with the aim of uniting the bikers of the CIS countries and forming ties with each other. The rally is held for the young people so that our children and grandchildren always remember that we went through war. We are currently living in peace thanks to our fathers and grandfathers.

In every city, the participants of the international motor-car rally laid flowers to the Victory Memorials, paying tribute and remembering the war heroes together with local residents. Musicians also joined the patriotic movement. They organized special concerts in every city. According to the participants of the rally, they wanted to recreate the historic environment as well as to show how the people were united and supported each other at the war frontlines and behind the lines.         


- The main idea of our project is not about those who were killed but about those who survived, because people went to war not to give their lives, but to complete the mission and survive. A lot of people call us, send their letters and next year we will definitely include other cities in the route.

People from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia came to see  the participants of the international motor-car rally. Within 48 days, the patriotic movement will cover 60 cities and will finish in Belarus on June 22.