Almaty will host the 15th Eurasian Media Forum

Almaty will host the 15th Eurasian Media Forum. The motto of this year is ‘15 Years of Evolution: How the World Is Changing and How the World is Changes Us.’ Organizers highlighted that a discussion platform will take a special place in the world media.


 - When this project first started, it had a wonderful slogan, which is still relevant up till today, ‘the East or the West - Peace is best.’ The world should be somewhere in the middle. We are delivering this message; we serve as an expert platform for dialogue.

This year, the forum will last for three days and its agenda includes many relevant up-to-date issues and iconic speakers. The main discussion topics were selected based on the result of analyses on world media over the past years. The forum will feature seven plenary sessions and master classes of well-known journalists and public figures,  including the creator of ‘House of Cards’ trilogy, Michael Dobbs and American marketing and media strategist, Roger Fisk who is widely credited with playing a behind-the-scenes role in the back-to-back electoral victories of President Barack Obama in 2008.


 - Yusuf Omar from the United Kingdom (UK) will conduct the very first master class. The topic of the lecture is mobile journalism. There is a master class on Working and Reporting in Conflict Zones by Shahida Tulaganova. Commissioning Editor of CNN Global Projects in the UK Ryan Smith will conduct a session on the future of news. As part of the master class, he will share secrets of how CNN uses data to identify and inform a narrow target audience.

The Eurasian Media Forum is a unique dialogue platform designed to revive the role of Central Asia as a communications center encompassing the ancient Silk Road between China and Europe.