Kazakh Traditional Sports worldwide

Unique and authentic Kazakh traditional games spark interest in other countries. Kazakh athletes demonstrated the diversity of styles and personal skills at the third Ethnosports Culture Festival in Istanbul. The number of participants of the event is growing every year and the geographical spread is expanding. This year, Jordanian swordsmen and Japanese mounted archers were represented at the festival for the first time. 


- There are currently about 300,000 people regularly practicing traditional sports in our country. In general, the interest to ethnosports is growing in the world. Every ethnic group has its own individual features that are reflected in the traditional sports. The Turkic nations have common history and common origin. That’s why there are similarities in our traditional games. Such events always give the opportunity to share experiences. 

In addition to sports achievements, the delegations demonstrated their cultures, customs and traditions. The Kazakh participants set up a twelve-wing yurt “Ak Orda” which gracefully decorated the event. The festival guests expressed great interest in the design of the felt house skillfully embroidered with ornaments and furnished with ancient wooden dishes. The Kazakh delegation presented the yurt as a gift to the organizers as the sign of friendship and fraternity between the Kazakh and Turkish nations.


- We are currently in the traditional Kazakh yurt that our Kazakh brothers kindly presented to us as a gift. It’s a Nomadic habitation decorated in a traditional style. Its every embroidered ornament is pleasing to the eye. I thank you for such a valuable gift!

The festival’s main goal is to preserve and develop traditional sports and pass them to the future generations. The organizers are pleased to see that the number of ethnic athletes is growing every year.