Cooperation in educational field

Kazakh universities are actively cooperating with foreign educational institutions in a number of areas, including academic mobility. Experts say that the academic mobility is currently the main factor of the universities’ innovative development. Kazakh students study abroad as part of the Erasmus+ European Union program. Medina Sarkulova is one of such students. The young woman is studying in one of the oldest universities in Poland – the Cracow University of Economics majoring in management and production engineering.  


- In the future, I want to get the Bachelor’s degree and if possible the Master’s degree and return to Kazakhstan to work on the improvement of production and the engineering industry. In general, I would like to contribute to the development and the future of Kazakhstan.

Aizhan Aitkali kyzy is another student from Kazakhstan. She is currently studying in the University of Dabrowa Gornicza in the city of Katowice. Aizhan is planning to adopt Poland’s best practices and implement them in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region.  


- I major in regional studies and specialize in Central Asia. Foreign companies open their branches and subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and specialists in regional studies are working on the proper regional introduction of these companies. Everybody knows that Central Asia is a hub for transport, economic and political processes. In the long term, Central Asia is going to be a promising area for work, because there are many opportunities in the region.    

Meanwhile, there are about 800 Kazakh students studying in Polish universities. According to the forecasts provided by the Center for International Programs, this number can see double or triple growth in the upcoming years. In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the younger generation of Kazakhstan is eager to get the best education in the world which will help them be in high demand in the future.