Aral 2018 expedition

A team of specialists led by the Kazakh National Geographic Society plans  to overcome 7,000 kilometers across Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. More than 20 people are heading to the unique expedition, including scientists of Nazarbayev University, archeologists, historians, culturologists, ecologists and biologists. They will explore the North and South Aral within 15 days. The team will conduct hydrobiological analysis and will also study the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the area. In addition, a map of the Aral region for tourists will be made after the trip. Experts from neighboring countries will also be involved in the creation of the map.


 - There are a lot of people abroad who are interested in the state of the Aral Sea, for example, my colleagues from National Geographic. To date, we can say that our part of the Aral Sea is slowly getting better but we are worried that we won’t be able to create a stable region on our own, so it is important to cooperate with our colleagues from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Most recently, we signed a joint memorandum with the Uzbek Geographical Society and the main focus of cooperation will be related to the Aral Sea.