Kazakh TV: New exclusive Television Projects

Viewers of Kazakh TV can now learn about the latest news on Kazakhstan’s film industry from the weekly program, Cinema Life. The program presents original storylines, new sound and visual effects, digital potential of the modern filmmaking and reports from the film sets. 


- The main goal of the Cinema Life program is to inform the local and foreign viewers about the major mainstream processes happening in the modern Kazakh films. What films are interesting for the viewers? What do local film directors offer? What changes are taking place in Kazakhstan’s film industry, and how do Kazakh films position themselves in the international film community?  

Meanwhile, the Sports Nation program on Kazakh TV provides detailed coverage of the main sports events in Kazakhstan. A team of young professionals worked on the program to present information in a creative way. The content of the program includes the results of sport competitions, match predictions as well as reviews on national and world championship games and exclusive interviews with famous athletes.


- Everyone who is involved in the Sports Nation project is professionals who are interested in sports. They follow all the trends in the sports industry and news relating to sports. They are always informed about the latest sports events. That’s why our program is dynamic and interesting. We use creative approaches to present our contents so that the viewers would be interested in watching the program.

The first-ever project about the history and transformation of Kazakh national clothes is also aired on Kazakh TV. The program presents the changing fashion trends and the new modern ethno style costumes which are inspired by the ancient nomad designs. The program, Oriental Vintage is aired weekly and it introduces the secrets of historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhs to local and foreign viewers.


- We have always been interested in clothes worn by people who lived in the great steppe. We wonder why certain materials, ornaments and colors had been popular among the nomads. We found out that some clothing materials were brought here through the Great Silk Road. We have decided to convey the fashion history from the modern Kazakh perspective in order to understand that we are the heirs of this culture.

Kazakh TV’s exclusive programs range from science and culture to entertainment and adventure. The local and foreign audiences are introduced to the modern life and history of Kazakhstan through the different events and personalities.