Astana hosted the annual exhibition of Kazakh products recently

Astana hosted the annual exhibition of Kazakh products recently

Astana hosted the annual exhibition of Kazakh products recently. Over 350 entrepreneurs from all over Kazakhstan arrived in Astana to display their goods. They presented a great range of products – from food to special vehicles and various types of equipment. The producers received Government support to modernize their production processes, expand the product range as well as boost production volumes and enter new markets. Producers from Pavlodar displayed high quality dairy products.


-There are thirteen types of cheese. We purchase yeast from Italy and milk from Pavlodar region. We produce 500 liters of milk and 55-60 kg of cheese a day. 

Technological solutions that are used to assist public utilities services were also presented at the exhibition. For example, vehicles that remove ice and snow without damaging the asphalt road were displayed. Manufactured in Karaganda and assembled in Astana, these vehicles are convenient and effective in clearing surfaces. In the future, the manufacturers are planning to replace the gasoline engine with hydrogen engine.


- I received a subsidy from the Business Road Map 2020 program in 2017. This device cuts the ice and breaks it into pieces with hammers to remove packed snow and ice. The machine is equipped with the height adjustment devices so that these tools do not touch the solid surfaces and damage the asphalt and pavement bricks.

This year, changes were made in the Business Road Map program to strengthen the support for the small and medium-sized businesses. The measures include the reduction of the response time for applications and implementation of floating rates instead of fixed interest rates on loans subsidized by the program.