100th birth anniversary of the Hero of Kazakhstan Kassym Kaissenov

100th birth anniversary of the Hero of Kazakhstan Kassym Kaissenov

100th birth anniversary of the Hero of Kazakhstan, veteran of the Second World War Kassym Kaissenov was marked in Astana. After graduating from military intelligence school, the well-known writer left to the front lines during the first days of the war. Kassym Kaissenov was behind enemy lines and supervised the third detachment of the partisan forces named after Chapayev. The veteran fought in the battles in Moldova, Czechoslovakia and Romania.   


- The Soviet government was relying on the reports of the intelligence forces. There was a case when Kassym Kaissenov gathered important information and sent it to our intelligence forces. Thanks to his messages, the Soviet troops attacked and bombed the enemy’s lines on the following day. I can say that he had many such cases.    

After the war, Kassym Kaissenov worked in Kazakhstan Writers’ Union and publishing houses. He is the author of about thirty books depicting the hardships of the Second World War and the heroic acts of the soldiers. The writer became the founder of the partisan war theme in the Kazakh literature. His personal life path was reflected in the works of many poets, composers, artists and filmmakers. 


- I was honored to play a role of Hero of Kazakhstan Kassym Kaissenov in a film. This film is about his participation in the Second World War. I was happy to play this role. I did my best to reveal the heroism of our great hero and present his genuine Kazakh identity on the screen.

Kassym Kaissenov was involved in the most dangerous operations. The list of his heroic acts includes seizure of the Bukrin lodgment, liberation of prisoners from the concentration camps, battle of the Dnieper and others. He is an eternal example of courage, bravery and commitment for the young generation.   


- Kassym Kaissenov has a reputation of the great Hero of Kazakhstan, the great person, true patriot of his country. He is a legendary person. Being a military man, I must perform such heroic acts that he performed and serve the country decently. I would like to thank our veterans. 

The younger generation knows that thanks to the war veterans, our heroes, we live in peace. Today, our task is to further develop our country and educate the younger generation on such life examples.