Great Holiday – Victory Day

Great Holiday – Victory Day

After 73 years since the Victory Day the veterans of the Second World War have become the symbols of perseverance and bravery. The present generation expresses respect and endless gratitude for those who protected the world from fascism. The veterans withstood 1,418 days of severe battles and fights, losses and tragedies. They didn’t just withstand, they saved the world. And now their victory is remembered.

Akhat Bekmadi is one of those who fought for the Victory Day. He was fighting at the defense lines on the border of Moscow and at the battle of Kursk.


- We couldn’t step back and let the enemies in, in Moscow. Violent fights near Stalingrad were ongoing at that time. The fascists had a plan of crossing the Caucasus to the Volga and conquer the lands of Western Kazakhstan near the Caspian Sea. They wanted to prevent the supply of fuel from Baku, Mangystau and Atyrau. They planned it so that our aircrafts couldn’t fly and tanks couldn’t move.  

Nonna Dvoychenko was called to war after graduating the 10th grade in the city of Sochi. First, the young woman served in the traffic controllers unit near the city of Tuapse in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai and in January 1943 she began serving as a nurse in the army’s surgical field mobile hospital #56 in the North Kazakhstan front.    


- There was a 20-meter tent near the front line. Injured people were delivered there and surgical operations were performed immediately. I treated patients with severe conditions. In case of small injuries we treated the patients and allowed them to leave. It was scary when people were dying and screaming for a nurse.    

The war took the lives of 27 million people, 600,000 of them were from Kazakhstan. From the first days of the violent battles, hundreds of thousands of Kazakh people voluntarily joined the front. In four years, twelve rifle divisions, four cavalry divisions, seven brigades and fifty regiments were formed in Kazakhstan. 528 Kazakhs were awarded with the titles of Hero of Soviet Union, and four of them received the title twice. 110 thousand people were distinguished with Orders of Glory.