100 new textbooks in Kazakh

Kazakhstan plans to provide high quality education with international standards as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Experts said that the ‘New Humanitarian Knowledge’ project is a big investment in the future of Kazakhstan. The goal of the project is to translate international level textbooks into Kazakh language. These textbooks are the world’s best scientific works in philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics and other subjects which were published in 42 countries in 34 languages. Today, the books are widely used in leading universities worldwide.


- A total of 18 books were translated currently and each book has ten thousand copies. In total, there are 180,000 published copies. The textbooks will be delivered to universities in Astana and Almaty regions. Students will start using these textbooks in the beginning of 2018 – 2019 academic year. The electronic versions of all the textbooks are available on our website.

Experts said that the project will open new opportunities for Kazakh students as they will be able to study using the world’s leading textbooks. According to the experts, it will be a significant contribution to the higher education system in Kazakhstan. The project will also push forward the advancement of humanities and social sciences as well as promote the wider use of the Kazakh language. The translation of these textbooks will help create the Kazakh school of translators and editors. In the course of the translation work, over three thousand new terms were introduced in the Kazakh language.


-The main task for Kazakhstan is to improve our intellectual potential. In order to achieve this goal, we need to develop humanities in accordance with international best practices. In this regard, the textbooks which were translated into Kazakh are of great importance. These translations will be used as a guide for the translations of other textbooks, which will be translated by the state and non-governmental organizations.  The ‘100 New Textbooks’ project has become a solid foundation for future works.

As part of the project, an additional of 30 textbooks will be translated into the Kazakh language by the end of the year. Experts said that this process will contribute to the consistent enrichment and development of the Kazakh language, and will also become a strategic step in the development of sciences.