Kazakh Center For Children's Development in China

The first Kazakh children development center was opened in the capital of China. The children who live in Beijing can attend the ‘Baldyrgan’ kindergarten. The official opening ceremony of the center was attended by Kazakh Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kairat Abrakhmanov.

The kindergarten teaches subjects in Kazakh and English language to Kazakh students as well as children from other countries.


 - Children from Kyrgyzstan attend the center. The citizens of other Central Asian countries have showed their interest in the center because it is convenient for many people living in this area. We work from 8am to 5pm.

Sadyk and Aigerim Akezhanova have been living and working in Beijing for a long time. Their children were born there. Previously, the couple had experienced difficulties in sending their older child to kindergarten.


 - Earlier we wrote a letter to the institution under the Embassy of Russia. The kids, who weren’t accepted to the institution, joined the kids in the Chinese or other foreign centers. Therefore, the opening of a Kazakh center is the right decision. Moreover, the number of children is increasing.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in China has the second highest number of diplomats after the Embassy of Russia. According to official data, there are more than 90 Kazakh children of preschool age in Beijing.

The main goal of the ‘Baldyrgan’ kindergarten is to introduce the culture and national traditions of the native land to the children.