100 internationally acclaimed textbooks will be translated into Kazakh in the upcoming five years

100 internationally acclaimed textbooks will be translated into Kazakh in the upcoming five years. The translation would include history, political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, culturology, philology and anthropology textbooks. Kazakhstan’s leading experts, including linguists, translators and teachers have started implementing the important task set by the president as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.


- I am very glad to participate in this project. We always felt responsible for giving knowledge to our students. Translation of these textbooks keeps us very busy. We are continuing this work even now. The idea that this will benefit the young people of Kazakhstan keeps us motivated. The translated textbooks are available for senior school students and university student and for everyone willing to study them. 

Kazakhstan’s publishing houses have published the first eighteen textbooks. The electronic copies are available on the official website of the program, 100kitap.kz. These are the first results of a group of experts involved in the translation of the world's leading textbooks. They say that many of these books are really exclusive. Some of them were published only in the original language.


- We are the pioneers, since it’s the first time an anthropology textbook was translated from English to Kazakh. We also need to take into consideration the fact that there are not many anthropology textbooks translated into Russian. We had some issues with many terms that had to be researched, checked and compared. That’s why I think that we have performed an important work.   

Each of the eighteen books will be published in 10,000 copies as early as this month. They will be distributed among the national libraries and universities of Kazakhstan. By the end of the year, the team of translators will translate thirty books on pedagogy, the history of the world and the arts, as well as the theory of literature. Works covering the field of economics will also be published.


- We have already started translating and editing the textbooks, and in a month we are planning to start working on the layout. By the end of 2018, we are planning to prepare 48 textbooks in Kazakh.  

Experts believe that the 100 new textbooks in Kazakh will allow Kazakhstan’s national universities to enter the list of the leading universities in the world. This will also give the young people the opportunity to be ready for modern challenges in the era of globalization and digital transformation.