Kazakh TV launches Kyrgyz language

Today, the national satellite channel Kazakh TV began broadcasting in Kyrgyz. The channel’s programs are available around the clock in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and Kyrgyz. Kazakh TV professionals spent half a year in preparations in order to provide a high quality and interesting content to the viewers of neighboring Kyrgyzstan. During this time, the channel’s team has translated and voiced over 450 television projects.


- Kazakh TV channel is the international satellite channel. Every year, we expand our boundaries and our broadcasting coverage. Our channel demonstrates programs not only about Kazakhstan, but about the Central Asian region as well. Overall, our programs are focused on culture, arts, nomadic civilization not only of the Kazakh people but the Turkic people as well. That’s why the decision of launching the audio track in Kyrgyz is quite reasonable.


 - Our countries are very close and similar to each other. I think that it will be interesting for residents of my republic to watch the content that Kazakh TV broadcasts.

The work on increasing the number of language tracks for viewers’ convenience in the Central Asian countries is underway. Broadcasting in Uzbek will start in autumn this year. New joint projects with the Uzbek and Kyrgyz colleagues on tourism and investment potential of the Central Asian republics are being developed for release. Kazakh TV broadcasts in 118 countries, including the countries of North and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and Oceania, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the South Caucasus. The potential audience of Kazakh TV is estimated at five billion people.