‘100 New Textbooks’ project is breakthrough in cultural and research development

The recognized literature in Kazakh, specifically, 100 translations of books of the gold fund from the world science were included into the ‘100 New Textbooks’ project. Experts say that this project is a breakthrough in cultural and research development. This is a unique opportunity for young people to get acquainted with bestselling science books. According to well-known Uzbek writer Kaldybek Seidanov, the international works are an objective perception of the world and right guidance. According to the academician, this list can be replenished with works of the Eastern classics.


 - One hundred new thoughts, ideas and meanings are included into the 100 new textbooks. This is a great event for students and all young people of Kazakhstan. In order to think broadly and critically, youngsters need knowledge, experience and spirituality which they can find in the books of the world literature. Reading books contributes to personal development. Thanks to the 100 New Textbooks project, Kazakhstan’s younger generation has such a unique opportunity. Now, the best world literature is available in the Kazakh language.