Digital trends shaping the future

According to spokesperson of the French company on smart cities, Aizhamal Sartbaeva, digitalization is the key to a successful future and the states with new advanced technologies can become wealthier. She said that Kazakhstan has a chance to become one of the 30 most developed countries in this category.  Aizhamal Sartbaeva has been working in Europe for many years as a specialist who develops the concept of smart cities for the French company. She also took part in a major project to develop Astana’s 3D model development. She believes that the digitalization is the real imperative of the time, and it is necessary to improve the quality of life of a population. She highlighted that the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev speaks about this in his current message.


- I’m very happy that Kazakhstan follows the experience of the world's leading countries on sustainable development by using technologies of smart cities. The Industry 4.0 is a program that combines digital and operational technologies by achieving high efficiency, operational excellence and the ecosystem of the world and human values. The President in his address focuses on human capital and development. The development of technology will undoubtedly result in progress, but they should be "intuitive" and designed specifically for people.